Waitrose ditches Warburtons crumpets and everyone thinks it’s because of Brexit


The shop axed the bakery brand a year ago due to concerns over ‘performance’ (Picture: Getty Images)

Waitrose shoppers have been left divided after discovering the supermarket has stopped selling Warburtons products – including their beloved crumpets.

It has emerged the shop axed the bakery brand a year ago due to concerns over ‘performance’, and as a result some customers have vowed to shop elsewhere.

Sales of crumpets in the UK are up 10% year-on-year, but at the time Waitrose scrapped Warburtons it said its own crumpet sales had dropped by 15%.

Jonathan Warburton, 65, has been chair of the company since 2006 and has publicly backed Brexit in the past.

Now some people are saying Warburtons’ loss of Waitrose as a client is a form of comeuppance.

A Twitter user called just Matt wrote: ‘This is totally deserved. Warburtons supported Brexit, made this country suffer.

‘It’s only fair now they suffer as much or more than the rest of us for it. Their customers have spoken. #RejoinEU.’

Tobi Frenzen said: ‘Well done Waitrose. I like my bread with some flavour, a satisfying and crunchy crust, and free from toxic politics. With that said, Warburtons fails in all three categories, so good riddance!’

Bolton-based bakery Warburtons sells 124 million crumpets in the UK a year (Picture: Getty Images)

But Waitrose scrapped Warburtons after it said its own crumpet sales had dropped by 15% (Picture: Getty Images)

Now some people are saying Warburtons’ loss of Waitrose as a client is a form of comeuppance (Picture: Twitter)

Conrad Longmore said sarcastically: ‘That would be the same Warburtons that supports Brexit? What a shame.’

Sinclair J Third tweeted: ‘I’m delighted to read that Waitrose has withdrawn all Warburtons products from its shelves as they were “below expectations”.

‘Mind you, I’d prefer that they weren’t stocked at all, as Warburtons were Brexit supporters.’

David Reynolds added: ‘There MUST be a Brexit angle to this, surely?’

Another user called Paul wrote: ‘Rather them remove Warburtons products in reaction to them supporting Brexit tbh.’

Jenks Coffeebreak said: ‘Waitrose don’t sell Warburtons bread… mistake. If they don’t sell the crumpets we will have to shop elsewhere.’

Bolton-based bakery Warburtons, which sells 124 million crumpets in the UK a year, donated £25,000 to the Conservative Party in 2010.

Some people are very pleased with Waitrose’s scrapping of Warburtons (Picture: Twitter)

Other people claim there could be a ‘Brexit angle’ to the decision (Picture: Twitter)

Some shoppers have vowed to shop elsewhere to get their crumpet fix (Picture: Getty Images)

Waitrose still stocks products from Hovis, which is based in Buckinghamshire and is Warburton’s biggest competitor.

The story is reminiscent of a pricing row between Tesco and Heinz, which saw ketchup and baked beans temporarily disappear from the shop’s shelves last year.

Waitrose did not say its decision to no longer sell Warburtons products was anything to do with Brexit.

A spokesperson told MailOnline: ‘We stopped selling Warburtons products a year ago after their performance didn’t meet our expectations. 

‘We focus on fantastic products at great value that our customers love and we remain open to working with Warburtons in the future.’ 

A Warburtons spokesperson said: ‘At Warburtons quality is paramount. We put an awful lot of care into the 2 million products we bake and deliver to over 19,000 stores across the country every single day. 

‘We know that consumers recognise the quality, and value of our products and that is why we are the number one bakery brand in the UK. 

‘It is a shame that Waitrose chose to delist us last year and we would of course love to be back on their shelves in the future.’ 

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