Mother finds big bear hibernating beneath her deck


A woman found a bear hibernating under the deck of her home (Picture: SWNS)

A woman was shocked to find a big black bear hibernating under her deck in the garden of her home.

Tyler Dashukewich, 28, who has a four-year-old daughter, discovered the bear after her and her brother’s dogs seemed nervous in her garden.

They ‘were being skittish and looking toward the deck,’ said Dashukewich, according to The Mirror. ‘I thought that maybe it was a bunny, or a squirrel or something like that.’

It wasn’t until Dashukewich’s brother Vinnie looked under the deck of their home in Plainville, Connecticut, that they realized what the creature was.

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‘I was shocked,’ Dashukewich said. ‘I thought it would be a little bear, but it was really big.’

Video clips show the bear under the wooden deck, lying on a pile of wood chips. It moves slightly.

‘What happened to you?’ a woman is heard saying.

Dashukewich got in touch with the state Department of Energy and Environmental Protection. But, keeping her young daughter in mind, she didn’t take their advice.

The woman decided not to scare off the bear (Picture: SWNS)

‘They recommended pouring hot water on it or using air horns to scare it away, but we didn’t want to bother it so we let it stay there,’ she said.

‘The good thing is that it’s pretty cold, so we don’t really play outside, but I don’t let her get close to it, so we play in the front yard.’

Dashukewich added that she sees bears so often that she was not too afraid.

‘If it had moved I would have been scared for sure,’ she said.

The woman believes the bear will be hibernating under her deck for three months (Picture: SWNS)

Dashukewich predicts that the bear will be hibernating under her deck for three months and said she found the situation unusual.

‘I haven’t heard of a bear hibernating underneath someone’s deck before,’ she said.

Bears usually den under fallen trees and in brush, but they can also settle around human homes like under decks and in sheds, The Mirror reported.

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