Strangest items seized by US airport security – including a gun hidden in a raw chicken


TSA agents discovered a handgun stuffed inside a raw whole chicken at Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood International Airport in Florida (Picture: TSA/SWNS)

A gun inside a whole raw chicken and fentanyl inside a packet of skittles have made the top 10 list of unusual items found by US airport security.

Transportation Security Administration (TSA) officers at checkpoints across the country have compiled a list of the strangest items they have found.

Many of their findings have been lethal weapons, with passengers attempting to smuggle guns inside a raw chicken, peanut butter and even a medical sling.

Security even found a hand grenade inside a carry-on bag at Milwaukee Mitchell Airport, prompting a bomb squad to be called to the scene.

Thankfully, it turned out it was simply a replica.

Drugs have also been found inside strange objects, including inside hair scrunchies and a skittles sweet packet.

Elsewhere another stuffed ‘soiled money’ into a pair of crutches.

TSA said: ‘Shout out to our TSA officers nationwide for protecting the travelling public.’

The drug fentanyl was found in a packet of Skittles candy at Los Angeles Airport (Picture: TSA/SWNS)

TSA’s top 10 list of most unusual finds

Fentanyl inside a Skittles candy packet at Los Angeles International Airport, California
Gun inside of raw chicken at Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood International Airport, Florida
Handgun in a jar of peanut butter at John F Kennedy Airport, new York
Gun in a sling at Greater Rochester International Airport, New York
Knife inside of a laptop at Richmond International Airport, Virginia
Drugs in hair scrunchies at Boise Airport, Idaho
Gun in a PlayStation at Atlanta Airport, Georgia
Cattle prod in a guitar case at Dulles International Airport, Washington D.C.
Inert grenade at Milwaukee Mitchell International Airport, Wisconsin
Money inside crutches at El Paso International Airport, Texas

At John F. Kennedy International Airport a TSA officer removed two jars of peanut butter, each containing parts of a disassembled semi-automatic handgun (Picture: TSA/SWNS)

A New York man has been accused of trying to smuggle three snakes over a border crossing – by concealing them in his trousers.

Calvin Bautista, 36, had travelled on a bus over from Canada through to America on July 15, 2018.

Bautista’s excitement at an alleged smuggling success soon faded however.

Two electric cattle prods were found packed in with a guitar in a carry-on case at Dulles Airport (Picture: TSA/SWNS)

He has since been charged with smuggling three Burmese pythons in his trousers at a US-Canadian border crossing.

In 2020, Italian police seized a package containing hundreds of coffee beans with cocaine inside.

Around 500 beans had been cut open, stuffed with the white powder, and carefully taped closed again with tape.

A knife was found hidden inside a laptop at Richmond International Airport security in Virginia (Picture: TSA/SWNS)

A TSA officer identified an image on the X-Ray of an item that appeared to be a grenade (Picture: TSA/SWNS)

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