We need judges with better character


Light illuminates part of the Supreme Court building at dusk on Capitol Hill in Washington, Nov. 16, 2022.


As a retired civil rights and constitutional law attorney, I wonder how many others in the legal profession have wondered how five of the most unethical Supreme Court “justices” in the history of the United States even became judges in the first place.

Look at the credentials of those who not only have the capacity to destroy the rights of millions, but who may even destroy democracy itself: An accused sexual harasser who is on a vendetta against people of his own race; a second accused sexual harasser who was not properly investigated before being rammed through the confirmation process; two anachronisms who believe we are still living in the Middle Ages; and a handmaiden from a religious cult who, by embracing the hypocritical machinations of Mitch McConnell, was more than eager to ignore Christ’s admonition about gaining the world and losing the soul.

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If they represent the apex of America’s legal world, I shudder for the nation when I think about what might be below them.

David R. Hoffman, South Bend, Indiana

Leaders must tackle traffic

We hear the various candidates talking about the usual issues: crime, taxes, jobs, education, etc. When will they tell us what, if anything, they will do about gridlock?

Traffic lanes have been cut in width and number, which can’t help but increase gridlock. The 18th Street Bridge is an excellent example of this, where two lanes in each direction have been cut to one.

We think of congestion affecting commuters, but it also slows first responders. I will never forget when an ambulance was stuck in traffic, between my car and a median planter. It could have been responding to an emergency with a member of your family or a red light runner hit by a car. The next fire truck you see may be responding to a fire at your house, a hospital or a bike shop.

Larry E. Nazimek, Lincoln Square

Here’s a tip

I must protest a recent letter in the Sun-Times that argued against tipping restaurant workers. Maybe the writer and others don’t understand that the minimum wage standard does not apply to many hospitality workers. Their wages have been raised to $7.80 an hour in the new year. Their tips are expected to complete the minimum wage level of $13. My sister was a waitress for many years, working hard and was always trying to do her best for the patrons, yet never earned much. For more insight, the late Barbara Ehrenreich wrote a wonderful book, “Serving in Florida,” which included a profile of waitressing and the financial aspects of the work.

Mary Anne Brown, Lincoln Square

America’s most wanted

Republican Rep. Jim Jordan, R-Ohio, tweeted that all criminals should be locked up in jail. I agree 100%. Looking forward to seeing Donald Trump in his orange jumpsuit.

Thomas Bajorek, Burbank

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