Man camps in the middle of a roundabout and cooks himself a Full English


Billy Richomme enjoys ‘relaxing’ on roundabouts across the UK (Picture: Simon Czapp/Solent News)

A man is on a mission to camp on a roundabout in every UK city – because he finds it ‘very relaxing and enjoyable’.

Billy Richomme manages to cook full meals during his overnight stays, and drivers are usually none-the-wiser.

Speaking to, Billy said: ‘When you are camping on a roundabout, you are usually quite covered, so I feel really relaxed when I’m there and I just have a nice night.

‘I even cook myself a nice meal. I have cooked ramen, and have done a full english breakfast the next morning. I have managed to cook a roast dinner as well.’

The 32-year-old former military chef started ‘stealth camping’ to get a change of scenery during lockdown in 2021.

‘I was living in a van so I didn’t really feel there was anything different, so I just went out and tried it,’ he said.

It has led the veteran, from Wiltshire, Salisbury, to internet success on YouTube, where he vlogs his exploits to thousands of followers.

The 32-year-old has camped on this roundabout in Andover, Hampshire, before and says it is ‘one of his favourites’ (Picture: Simon Czapp/Solent News)

Billy vlogs his overnight stays on the roundabouts (Picture: Solent News)

The ex-military chef cooks meals on the roundabouts, and has even pulled off a roast dinner (Picture: Solent News)

Ramen is one of Billy’s go to meals when he is spending the night camping (Picture: Solent News & Photo Agency)

‘Online, people really liked it, and those videos are by far the most popular ones on my channel,’ he said.

‘I thought it would be interesting to film it because I haven’t seen others do it, and the first video completely took off.’

No one ever questions why he is there, and so far, has never had to share his roundabout with other campers.

‘There is evidence other people have been on the roundabouts, but I think it is from homeless people looking for somewhere to camp.

‘But I have never come across anyone, and no ever asks why I am there.’

Billy has challenged himself to sleep on a roundabout in every UK city (Picture: Solent News)

Billy says the roundabouts are usually covered and drivers don’t notice him (Picture: Solent News)

Billy started ‘stealth camping’ during lockdown in 2021 to get a change of scenery (Picture: Solent News)

Billy is hoping to turn his camping adventures into a full-time job if his YouTube channel ‘offcamping’ keeps attracting subscribers.

‘People send me requests, which tends to include police stations,’ he said. ‘People have also invited me to camp in their back garden.

‘I have previously camped on a pontoon, in a canoe under a bridge, and on a river. I’ve also camped in the woods by Stonehenge and on the steps of a castle.’

But this is not enough for the experienced adventurer, who has set himself the challenge of camping on a roundabout in every UK city.

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‘I want to do loads more roundabouts and do a full time adventure channel,’ he said.

‘I also want to challenge myself and do an international roundabout, like the super large one in Malaysia.

‘I have been told to go to Milton Keynes a lot, but I’ve not gone yet.’

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