Facebook favorites: These 11 stories were among our most delightful of 2022


2022 was a year that came with a lot of click-worthy stories, but there were some definite fan favorites.

The likes, comments and shares have spoken: Here are some of the best stories — according to Facebook reactions — from Southern California News Group this year.

1. Is that a shark?!

Leaping to the top, the Sharknado photograph. We’d never seen anything like it, and neither had photographer Jordan Anast. You can see his whole series of shots in the story.

2. Alan Jackson’s farewell tour

This story about Alan Jackson’s Anaheim concert had a “Good Time” on Facebook. Fans who were lucky enough to attend what might be his last show in California “poured their hearts out” for the country superstar. Those who didn’t get to go poured their hearts out in the Facebook comments.

3. Giga Coaster rumors

Who could forget this rollercoaster of a story? We can dream, can’t we?

4. Freddie Freeman is the best of us

The Dodgers first baseman made the largest single-donor pledge to help out his high school alma mater and felt the Facebook love.

5. Baby eagles!

Of course the eagle influencer welcoming her first eaglet made the social media list.

6. It was THIS big

He’s not a Southern Californian, but Carrot the goldfish was a big hit.

7. A bittersweet real estate listing

After Vin Scully’s passing in August, his daughter listed the Hidden Hills estate where he lived in his final years.

8. Are you sure about that, Siri?

In general, Southern California’s freeways can be confusing. But this one is on another level.

9. A cure for what ails us?

Are you surprised this story about cannabis compounds and COVID-19 isn’t higher on the list?

10. The water’s fine, deer

This deer took a dip, but the photos of its beach day soared.

11. Choose your bobblehead line wisely

This one isn’t mind-boggling, a Dodger bobblehead is always a good reason to talk to a lawyer.

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