Days after boys died on frozen lake people are still risking lives for a selfie


The deaths of three young boys who plummeted into the waters of an iced-over lake has renewed fears over the cold snap (Picture: Toby Shepheard/LNP)

People are still waking, skating and posing for photos on top of frozen lakes even after three boys died from falling through the ice.

A coating of snow, ice and slush has swept the country over the last couple of days, with videos of people trotting over frozen lakes taking over TikTok.

It comes after three boys aged 11, 10 and eight died after the thin ice cracked and they fell into the frigid waters of Babbs Mill Park in Birmingham.

Yet in one TikTok video, someone can be seen posing for the camera as she stands on the ice in Verulamium Park in St Albans on Sunday.

People walk, skate and play ice hockey around her.

Another video ended with a woman’s leg drenched in cold water when the icy pond she was standing on shattered.

Yesterday, a group of girls were spotted in London playing on an iced-up pond.

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If someone falls into frosty water, the shock can lead to cardiac arrest (Picture: Alamy Live News.)

When someone falls into near-freezing water, they will start to gasp for breath and begin to hyperventilate – but experts stress not to thrash.

Don’t let the shock of falling into the ice-cold water take over. This is the most difficult part, experts say, as people struggle with their breathing as their muscles stiffen in around 10 minutes.

The biggest risks of falling into the ice are cold incapacitation, when the muscles stiffen, and hypothermia, which can take around 30 minutes to experience.

People’s arteries also tighten in the cold, which can lead to a heart attack.

Don’t try to climb back where you fell in from, experts say, as the thin ice will have weakened from the fall. Instead, use air pockets in clothing to float and flutter-kick your feet until your body is horizontal.

Reach out to a thicker slice of ice without pushing down during this and haul yourself out if you can.

The Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents has issued safety advice for anyone who witnesses someone falling through ice, Birmingham Live reported.

The charity advised people to call 999 and alert the person to stay still in the water to maintain their heat and energy.

They should throw the person an object from the bank such as a rope or tree branch and use it to pull the person in if they are able to.

If you fall into a frozen lake, experts stress one thing: keep calm (Picture: Toby Shepheard/LNP)

If no object is to hand, the society says to see if something can be thrown that floats so they can keep buoyant as they wait for emergency services.

As the cold snap shows no signs of stopping for days, police forces have also reported that people are still walking across frozen water.

Yesterday afternoon, Widnes Police in Cheshire said it had received reports of children playing on the frozen lake at Victoria Park.

The force said on Facebook: ‘WARNING – This afternoon we’ve had reports of children playing on the lake at Victoria Park, Widnes.

‘Officers are patrolling the area and we’re urging parents to speak to their children about the dangers, particularly following the tragic deaths near Solihull.’

Cumbria Fire and Rescue Service issued a similar warning after a child plummeted through the ice in Siddick Pond, West Cumbria, Sunday afternoon.

Police are cautioning against people walking across frozen lakes (Picture; Toby Shepheard/LNP)

Emergency services combed the frigid pond to find the child had fallen partially into the water but managed to drag themselves out.

Rick Ogden, assistant chief fire officer for Cumbria Fire and Rescue Service, cautioned people against walking or skating frozen lakes and canals.

‘I do want to take this opportunity to remind people of the dangers of walking out onto ice,’ he said.

‘With temperatures set to remain very cold, struggling to get above freezing over the coming days, many ponds and other stretches of water are at risk of freezing.

‘Whilst they may look solid from the surface and tempting to step on, they can be extremely dangerous and very unlikely to hold your weight.

Some TikTok users have videoed themselves walking over bodies of water amid the below-freezing temperatures (Picture: Shutterstock)

‘Parents, please speak to your children to warn them of the potential consequences if someone goes through into the frozen water. Please also keep pets on leads when near frozen water and don’t throw objects onto the ice for them to retrieve.

‘If you see anyone in difficulty please call 999 immediately. Reassure them but don’t attempt to rescue them as you could become the next casualty.’

Temperatures in Britain fell this weekend to levels that would have been unimaginable following the summer’s blistering heat waves.

The Met Office has warned that the snow and ice dusting Britain would create hazardous conditions for drivers and cyclists, messaging amplified by police.

The deaths of three young boys in Solihull have renewed concerns over the wintery weather.

Snow, ice and slush have blanketed Britain in the last couple of days (Picture: PA)

Police say the ice gave way at around 2:30pm, plunging the boys into the water.

A frantic search kicked off with one police officer breaking up chunks of ice with his fists to pull out the boys.

But after several minutes in the water, the boys went into cardiac arrest from the shock and were later pronounced dead, police added.

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