Man rescues his dog from knife-wielding stranger in Westminster, police say


A man fought off a knife-wielding stranger who grabbed the man’s pit bull inside his pickup truck in Westminster on Saturday, Dec. 10, police said.

Police said the man parked his truck at a strip mall in the 16400 block of Magnolia sometime before 4:50 p.m., then went inside a store. He left his pit bull in the truck’s front seats.

When the man came out of the store minutes later, he found Miguel Garcia-Gonzalez, a 34-year-old Garden Grove man, sitting in the truck’s driver seat, according to the Westminster Police Department.

Garcia-Gonzalez was holding the pit bull in a headlock in his right arm and had a knife in his left hand, police said.

The man opened the passenger side door and was able to grab his dog away from Garcia-Gonzalez, who swung several times with the knife. During the confrontation, the man shot Garcia-Gonzalez with a stun gun.

With Garcia-Gonzalez incapacitated, the man ran to the driver’s side door and pulled him out. The man and an employee from the store tied Garcia-Gonzalez up with zip ties. Officers arrived moments later to arrest him.

Neither the man nor his dog were injured, Westminster police said. Garcia-Gonzalez was arrested and booked in jail. He has not been charged. Booking records for him were not available Sunday.

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