Uri Geller vows to ‘use powers’ to move ball from Mbappe if England clash goes to penalties


The French ‘machine’ will go up against Uri Geller’s ‘mind powers’ (Picture: Getty /Metro.co.uk)

Uri Geller plans to ‘neutralise’ striker Kylian Mbappe when England take on France in tonight’s World Cup quarter finals.

The psychic told Metro.co.uk he is poised to use his ‘mind powers’ if the game goes to penalties.

Mbappe – who is currently the tournament’s leading goal scorer – has been the focus of discussions leading up to the crucial match.

Pressure has piled on England’s defensive line as many speculate how the Three Lions can possibly hold back the French ‘machine’.

But the likes of Kyle Walker and Harry Maguire may get a helping hand from an unlikely source.

Uri Geller, who will be watching the game from Old Jaffa in Israel, has a newly-found special connection with Mbappe.

The pair share a birthday – December 20 – which the millionaire says helps forge a ‘remote viewing connection’ he can use to tap into into his mind powers.

Geller, who is backing England, told Metro.co.uk: ‘Mbappe is the biggest striker in the game and we are very concerned about this guy because he is a scoring machine.

Kylian Mbappe is in the running for the Golden Boot – but will he withstand Uri Geller’s ‘mind powers’? (Credits: Dave Shopland/Shutterstock)

‘Because Mbappe was born same day as I was, I believe that I have a “remote viewing connection” into his mind.’

Geller says that if the game goes to penalties, he will use his mind powers to ‘move the ball’ away from the feared foot of Mbappe.

Throughout the match as a whole, the spoon-bending spectator has vowed to ‘do his best’ to keep the French striker away from England goalie Jordan Pickford.

Geller’s most famous football ‘intervention’ came when Scotland missed a crucial penalty during a Euro 96 match against England.

Uri Geller will be watching tomorrow’s game from his home in Israel (Picture: Linford/REX/Shutterstock)

Gary McAllister’s penalty attempt was saved by David Seaman – and Geller later explained he had directed the ball with his powers from a helicopter above Wembley.

At the time, he said: ‘I tapped into the massive wave of positive vibrations from the England supporters and beamed them down to the players.

‘I was like a receiver and a transmitter – I said before the game if all the fans visualised England winning, they would. The players felt my powers very strongly.’

The illusionist has made efforts to appease Scotland since the 1996 upset, such as by buying a remote island in the Firth of Forth and taking over an amateur football team in North Berwick. 

Tonight’s quarter-final game is all to play for – but can England keep France at bay? (Picture: PA)

But today there will be no backing of the Auld Alliance, with Geller’s support very much thrown behind Gareth Southgate’s England squad.

He said: ‘When I moved Gary McAllister’s ball away from his foot in 1996 it was more than unethical, it was illegal. But there is no way that anyone in FIFA or the football world can prove tangibly that I’m using the power of my mind.

‘In case it comes down to penalties I’m going to try move the ball away from Mbappe’s foot and throughout the match I will try to influence him so he doesn’t score goals.

‘I will be doing everything in my capacity to make sure he doesn’t score goals. But I’m not a miracle worker or a prophet, all I can do is my best to make sure England doesn’t lose.’

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Geller has urged others to join his ‘mission’ and utilise a joint ‘spiritual connection’ to back the Three Lions.

He says that by looking into his eyes, England supporters can come together to make a difference to tonight’s game.

The 75-year-old told Metro.co.uk that his favourite player of the England side so far has been Harry Kane, and that he was overjoyed to see Raheem Sterling back in the team.

‘I’m excited – what a game it will be!’ he added.

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