IVF Should Be Free In The UK, So Why Is Access So Hard To Get?


Free IVF is under threat in the UK – and coronavirus has made it worse. The need to protect services really is urgent, which is why we’ve dedicated an episode of
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Coronavirus has only exacerbated these barriers, with thousands facing delays in treatment. The response to the pandemic has, again, been inconsistent; while some clinics have reopened now that lockdown is easing, others remain shut.

Making the situation harder is the fact that IVF is still shrouded in secrecy, meaning some currently facing these challenges may not feel able to speak about them openly in everyday life.

Joining us on the episode is Seetal Savla, who tells us about her fantastic work destigmatising IVF in Indian communities, plus how she is feeling amid her current fourth cycle. We also hear from Sara Marshall-Page, co-founder of fertility and IVF magazine IVF Babble, who shares her own journey and why she’s passionate about creating a community to help the next generation of “IVF warriors”. We hope this episode provides a space for those discussions.

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