Coronavirus: is Donald Trump putting the US at risk?

Donald Trump


Donald Trump at a White House news conference on Wednesday


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Donald Trump

The president is bucking the advice of health officials, arguing for a quick restart of the economy


William Gritten

Thursday, March 26, 2020 – 6:03am

Donald Trump’s reaction to the novel coronavirus outbreak, as it unfolded from foreign menace to rampant pandemic, has been inconsistent, but his approval rating has risen.

The coronavirus crisis is one that forces governments to choose between the outbreak’s containment or the economy’s health, and the former reality TV star has vacillated, reluctant to throw his weight wholly behind one course of action.

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Countries with major outbreaks have, so far without exception, resorted to sweeping lockdowns, but in the federal system of the US, where there has been a surge to almost 70,000 cases and more than 1,000 deaths, the response has been more localised, with the extent of the restrictions varying state by state.

Trump hedges

The president seems torn. He was initially a skeptic, comparing Covid-19 to the common flu, but on 11 March he barred travellers from mainland Europe in an Oval Office address that sent the stock market tumbling. After that, he seemed to be willing to accept the strictest measures, on Sunday declaring the country at war “against an invisible enemy”, and himself a wartime president.

On Monday, however, he seemed to change his stance again. “We cannot let …read more

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