Australia’s School Closures: Teachers Are Just As Concerned As Parents. Here’s Why.


It’s not just
Why Australian Schools Aren’t Closing Down, When Everything Else Is

Coronavirus Is Shutting Schools Down. Here’s What Parents Need To Know.

One Sydney primary school teacher, who wished to remain anonymous, said it was “pretty ridiculous” to keep schools open as social distancing measures of maintaining four square metres per person are impossible to implement in the classroom, plus kids’ hygiene is also difficult to manage.

Are Classrooms Sanitised?

“I had no soap in my classroom on Monday,” the grade one teacher told HuffPost Australia.

“I have kids picking their noses and then holding my hands when they’ve fallen over and are crying. Try to tell a crying kid that you can’t comfort them because of a deadly virus.”

Disappointed that teachers don’t have appropriate PPE (personal protective equipment) like doctors and nurses, she said getting students to wash hands at least 10 times a day is all she can do, “along with everything else I have to do day-to-day”.

Another teacher, working at a public high school in Sydney, claimed teachers were personally responsible for buying their own hand sanitisers, tissue boxes and wipes for students to use in the classroom.

“Teachers are burdened. We feel like the onus is on us,” she said. “Many of us go to the shops after school to find our own supplies for our classroom, forget about our homes.

“We are not getting hygiene on top of what we already have (soap in bathrooms). There are no hand sanitisers given, no tissues, no wipes and no air sprays. Our classrooms are vacuumed only once a week, not even wiped down.”

HuffPost Australia has contacted the Department of Education for clarification on which hygiene products have been supplied to schools.

Kids Coming To School Sick

This teacher said implementing social distancing measures in a classroom was next to impossible, and that she had already sent several children to the school’s sick bay in the past few days.

“I have …read more

Source:: The Huffington Post – Australia


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