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Tuesday, February 11, 2020 – 5:46am

An organisation that believes Jesus Christ was an alien from the planet Venus has announced a pilgrimage to a “holy mountain” in Devon. Members of the Aetherius Society will visit the mountain, in Holdstone Down, near Coombe Martin, where their founder, former taxi driver George King, says he met the extraterrestrial messiah.

Police called as cows invade runway

Police and animal rescuers had a strange task to fulfil when they were called to Iowa airport to retrieve three escaped cows who made their way onto the runway. “We’re not sure if pigs fly, but we’re pretty sure we established last night that cows do not,” said a spokesperson.

Man throws away winning lottery ticket
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A man in South Carolina nearly missed out on a $100,000 lottery jackpot when he threw his winning ticket in the bin. After buying a lottery ticket at a petrol station he checked his numbers the day after the draw. Thinking he had lost, he threw the ticket away. Then he double-checked the numbers and realised his mistake. Luckily, he was able to retrieve the ticket and claim his prize.

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