Premier League: clubs and officials to meet at power summit

Premier League


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Premier League

Agenda items include proposed changes to European competitions, VAR and the summer transfer window

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Thursday, September 12, 2019 – 7:52am

Premier League power brokers meet today in London and Sky Sports reports that it will be a packed agenda for the representatives of the 20 clubs that comprise England’s top-flight.

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The most pressing item is what Sky Sports calls as the proposal “to make the most significant changes to the European football calendar in a generation”.

That’s how the broadcaster describes the discussions ongoing this week in Geneva at the European Club Association (ECA), when delegates will consider Uefa’s proposed changes to European competitions from 2024.

The Premier League has been staunch opponents of the idea of a European super league, as have their Spanish counterparts, both fearful that such a competition could be the death knell for their domestic leagues.

But there will be other important items on the agenda, reports Sky Sports, including:

Summer transfer window

Sky Sports News understands that the bulk of the Premier League clubs “are keen on a return to a summer deadline day three weeks later than the present August 8 closure”.

Displaying a touch of conceit, perhaps, the Premier League introduced the changes last year in the expectation that where they go the rest of the Europe follows.

But the other leagues resisted the idea of moving their own transfer deadlines to 8 August and consequently the English elite feel at a disadvantage, “allowing for their European counterparts to unsettle and, in some cases, sign players they would prefer to keep”.

It’s expected a decision to move the summer deadline back to the end of August will be approved today or at …read more

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