Hong Kong: Pro-democracy protesters shut down airport, hundreds of flights canceled


Thousands of pro-democracy protesters entered the main terminal of Hong Kong airport on Monday. It followed pitched battles between the police and pro-democracy activists on the streets the previous day. There is no sign of either party backing down. As a result, the authorities decided to shut down one of the busiest airports in Asia. The cancellation of nearly 200 flights led to a chaotic situation with travel plans of hundreds of passengers in disarray. Protesters concluded that the decision to suspend flights would mean the entry of riot police on the scene. That would mean violence. Therefore, a large section of them left the airport.

CNN reports that pro-democracy protesters chose the Hong Kong airport because it would get more coverage on an international platform. It was a Monday and closing down the international hub was a method to interact with a global audience. Moreover, clashes between demonstrators and police are usually on the streets, but this time the venue shifted to the airport. An official in Beijing feels the protests “showed signs of terrorism.”

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