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General Hospital Spoilers: Oscar’s last wish

New General Hospital spoilers reveal that Oscar will make one last wish before he dies. The young boy is now ready to reach the palliative care institution, as the cancer that struck him is incurable. The doctors have advised his family to stay close to him and give him moments of serenity, but it is certainly not easy. Josslyn is desperate and vents her anger on Cameron, even though there is no reason for it. Joss won’t be able to stand his guilt, and she’ll be devastated by the pain.

Oscar seems to be the strongest, showing himself smiling and brave. “General Hospital” spoilers reveal that the young and unfortunate boyfriend will want to see his mother happy and thus make a final wish to Cameron. Meanwhile, Shiloh will get away with it. Brad will be skillfully manipulated by him and will not hand over the sect’s cup to the police. In this way, the test will not be carried out and Shiloh can still act undisturbed.

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