Home NewsAs Alberta election campaign winds down, Notley stays upbeat while Kenney campaigns deep in NDP territory

As Alberta election campaign winds down, Notley stays upbeat while Kenney campaigns deep in NDP territory

As election day loomed in Alberta, United Conservative Party leader Jason Kenney spent his final days on the road in an end-of-campaign foray into Edmonton, in the hopes of balancing out a potential UCP government with more MLAs from the province’s capital.

Kenney spent Sunday in Edmonton taking part in events for the Sikh holy day of Vaisakhi, and on Monday embarked on a whistle-stop mad dash through the city and its suburbs. The UCP leader said he fears taking power with a lopsided, Calgary-centric government, especially after a caustic election campaign.

“Sometimes in the past there were PC governments that had only one or two seats in Edmonton. I don’t think that’s good for the province, for the government or for the city,” said Kenney, in an interview with the National Post on Friday.

NDP leader Rachel Notley, meanwhile, is doing her best not to lose her party’s grip on the city. At Edmonton’s Polish Hall on Sunday afternoon, Notley gave one of the final speeches of her campaign to a crowd of about 1,000 people.

Notley waited outside the doors, her security standing by, while the crowd was warmed up — literally, given the sweaty hall — taking a selfie, waving at children and chatting with staff.

After wading through a crowd of supporters toting orange New Democrat signs, to the sounds of Serena Ryder’s Circle of the Sun, Notley gave a rousing speech — her voice sounding slightly hoarse, preaching to the converted and imploring conservative apostates to join her party.

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Then, it was off to Calgary for a Monday morning event and back again to Edmonton for an afternoon appearance.

While polls have suggested, for a long time, that Notley’s New Democrats will be in trouble Tuesday, the campaign has remained thoroughly upbeat.

No doubt, some of it’s putting on a brave face — nobody’s going to vote for a party that morosely admits it’s going to lose — but Notley has insisted there’s a path to majority for the NDP.

“We have a path to victory, we know the areas that we can win and we know that there are enough of them that we could still win a …read more

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