Renegade Raider will return to the Fortnite Item Shop


Epic Games has achieved huge success with “Fortnite Battle Royale” since its release in September 2017. As a free-to-play video game, “Fortnite” relies on its players purchasing cosmetic items. There are many different types of cosmetic items, but there is no doubt that most players are interested in outfits or so-called “skins.” Thanks to some amazing skins, the video game creator has made a multi-billion profit from the game, which is impressive.

When “Fortnite Battle Royale” just came out, it had no outfits or any other cosmetic items. Every player was using a default skin before Season 1 and the introduction of the Item Shop. Ghoul Trooper and Skull Trooper appeared in the store during its initial release, and Renegade Raider was the rarest Season 1 skin. It turns out that Epic Games will bring this skin back, which will drastically reduce its rarity.

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