Donald Trump wants regime change in Venezuela to get reelected


Foreign policy has always been one of the cornerstones of US politics. Its importance is so incredibly determining that many presidents’ reelection has been decided because of the performance on this matter instead of domestic issues. Understanding this reality is the key to comprehend Donald Trump’s stance against the socialist regime in Venezuela. After all, he might be close to achieving a major victory that would have historic consequences on the Western Hemisphere. All of this just a year before the next presidential election.

Correcting Obama’s foreign policy

Despite what many liberals claimed after Trump defeated Hillary Clinton in 2016, the Republican has shown an incredible efficiency and coherence on foreign policy, despite the terrible mistake he made with the Syrian war. Basically, Trump corrected many of Barack Obama’s errors on this matter, with the end of the infamous Iranian deal as his main trophy. Naturally, the way he’s been dealing with North Korean tyrant Kim Jong-un also represents a significant difference with how Obama let the communist dictator develop his nuclear program in the name of the so-called strategic patience. Nevertheless, Trump’s triumph on this front by denuclearizing the Hermit Kingdom remains to be seen.

Another historic mistake that Trump managed to solve was the Cuban thaw, which was essentially the restoration of relations between the United States and the communist tyranny of Fidel and Raul Castro. This was probably one of the most disgraceful moments during the Obama era, given the fact that this would have been the salvation of an old and decayed dictatorship that was experiencing one of its weakest periods. In fact, if this deal remained, it would have been a major threat to Latin America considering the way Cuba would have increased its influence all around the region, just as it did with Nicaragua and especially Venezuela.

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