The commonsense case for a Trump-Pelosi partnership


After Wednesday’s three-ring circus of a press conference and his Twitter firing of Attorney General Jeff Sessions, what President Trump’s plans for the next two years might be are anyone’s guess. But just an hour before he announced that he had appointed an ex-district attorney and former CNN personality who has been critical of Robert Mueller’s special counsel investigation to replace Sessions, he expressed his interest in working with Democrats on a variety of issues.

What about the new House majority? Many Democratic lawmakers want open war, but Nancy Pelosi does not. The once and likely future House speaker will do everything she can to placate her caucus while stopping short of pursuing Trump’s impeachment. Her hand might well be forced. But she is a wily old fox. If she can find a way to develop some kind of relationship with the White House, here are five issues on which Trump and Democrats could legitimately work together.

1. Infrastructure

This is a no-brainer. Many state-level races across the country are won solely on the basis of what candidates promise to do about roads, albeit with no funding. If Trump really wants to make his much-vaunted economic recovery permanent — and discredit the received wisdom of GOP deficit hawks forever into the process — he should work with Democrats to come up with a massive infrastructure bill. They should shoot for the moon here: nationwide free broadband internet, a massive up-to-date rail network, better transit in urban areas, and above all, a comprehensive water clean-up package for cities struggling with toxic levels of lead. Create good-paying jobs, make life better for everyone. Who could oppose this?

2. Criminal justice reform

This is a rare example of an issue that has quietly brought together politicians from all corners of both parties: so-called “reform” conservatives, libertarians, progressives, and conventional liberals. We have Kim Kardashian to thank for bringing it to the attention of the White House. Democrats can pitch it to their base however they want, but Trump should feel free to unload about how he is undoing the legacy of the Clintons, whose cynical ’90-era policies are responsible for the unjust incarceration of two generations of black men. Whatever it takes, folks, just get it done.

3. Federal marijuana decriminalization

The criminalization of this disgusting habit is a noble but totally lost cause. Dope is just another boring part of commerce …read more

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