Trump: Fed’s “Aggressive Rate Hikes” Are A “Big Mistake”


After roiling stock markets in Asia and Europe last night when he blamed the longest stock-market losing streak of his presidency on the Federal Reserve and its “crazy” interest rate hikes, President Trump again lit into the central bank in a Fox News interview Thursday morning where he said the Fed has gotten “a little too cute” with its interest rate hikes.

US Pres Trump: Federal Reserve Is Getting A Little Bit Too Cute – Fox

— LiveSquawk (@LiveSquawk) October 11, 2018

He added that Powell & Co. are “making a big mistake” by being so aggressive.

BREAKING: Trump says Fed ‘making a big mistake’ by being too aggressive

— AFP news agency (@AFP) October 11, 2018

Turning to his trade war with China (a war that markets have finally acknowledged), Trump said his protectionist policies have hurt China, but added that “I have a lot more to do.”

As Trump ramps up his attacks on the central bank, we imagine Powell is convening a meeting of the PPT as we speak…

Another 2% down in spoos and Powell can start putting his coffee cups and pencils in a cardboard box

— Not Jim Cramer (@Not_Jim_Cramer) October 10, 2018
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