I Returned From Paternity Leave To A Healthier Relationship With Work


This past weekend Canadians celebrated Thanksgiving, and for me it was a special one as this was our first Thanksgiving since welcoming our son to the world. It was also my first weekend after returning to work from three months of paternity leave.

When our son was born I made the decision to take some time off this summer. As I quickly learned, it’s not something that a lot of dads in our industry do; however, from the time we knew we were having a baby, I assumed that I would take this time. I saw a chance to build a bond with my son that will hopefully last forever, to gain some unforgettable experiences and to finally be there for those “first” moments for our son that until that point I would only hear about from the office.

I wrestled with a number of fears and questions.

With that said, as I prepared to go on leave, I wrestled with a number of fears and questions. After all, I’d never taken this much time away from work before. Would things change?

Would I still belong? Would things fall apart without me? Or conversely, would anyone even notice I was gone?What’s my worth? As someone who for a long time defined myself by my work, how would that change when it was no longer a factor? Would I get rusty in my work?Would it be worthwhile? Would I actually be able to step away from the work? Would I be any good at being a stay-at-home dad, albeit short-term? Would I go crazy cooped up at home?

Fortunately for me, the financial side of things was made easier by the 12 weeks of top-up pay that Edelman Canada offers for both moms and dads on parental leave.

Now that I’ve been back for a week, I’ve had a little time to reflect on some of these fears.

(A side note: I was on paternity leave for three months — a fraction of the time many Canadian moms are away on leave. I can only imagine how the fears I faced must be magnified for them, and I have a whole new respect for moms on the back of my own experiences.)

On belonging…

I’ve spent the last eight years at Edelman building a team that at this point was hired almost exclusively by me. It feels in many ways like a second home. Given that, I was confident that …read more

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