17 seconds with Stormy Daniels


I met Stormy Daniels at New York City’s Museum of Sex.

Daniels, at this point, needs no introduction. “Porn star,” “adult film actress,” whatever your preferred nomenclature — her profession almost always precedes her stage name. In January, The Wall Street Journal published its bombshell report that President Trump paid Daniels $130,000 in October 2016 to keep quiet about a 2006 affair, and she has hardly stayed out of headlines since. “Stormy Daniels tells 60 Minutes that fear of Trump kept her silent.” “Stormy Daniels files defamation lawsuit against Trump.” Then the inevitable: “Stormy Daniels to release tell-all book on Trump.” “Stormy Daniels goes into detail about Donald Trump’s ‘unusual’ penis.”

Although Daniels insists she was unwillingly dragged into the spotlight, it’s hard to look at her meet-and-greet book signing at the Museum of Sex on Monday and not imagine that she wanted this all along. Partially to blame for that is the stigma associated with her work, the stereotype of an opportunistic, money-grubbing porn star, hungry for a cheap 15 minutes of fame. Then there’s the fact that her lawyer, Michael Avenatti, does milk the spotlight, appearing in 147 interviews in a 10-week period this spring and openly flirting with a run for office. And part of it is good old-fashioned sexism: Deep down, how many of us dislike Daniels simply for speaking, candidly and without shame, about her sex life?

Work is work, but there was a slimy feeling to the exercise of buying her memoir, Full Disclosure, just to get into the room to size up the woman who had an affair with Trump. Many of the people in line were collectors, openly musing about how much money they might make off her signature if Trump was impeached. One couple bailed when they learned they could only see Daniels if they bought Full Disclosure for $27.99: “I don’t want a book signed. I’m out.” After waiting half an hour in line, two European tourists realized they were in the wrong spot for regular admission to the museum and also left. Someone driving past screamed “freaks!” at the line, although whether that was because we were waiting for Stormy Daniels, because we were outside the Museum of Sex, or simply because it is New York City, I didn’t get to clarify.

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