We Spent A Week Phoning Our Friends Without Texting Them First – Here’s How It Felt


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How often do you pick up the phone and actually call someone? How often do you take some time out of your day and listen to another human voice rather than shooting off a quick Whatsapp while juggling a hundred other things?

Maybe you call people all the time, in which case we commend you, but there are many more out there who find the idea of communicating via text far more appealing (not to mention less intimidating) than dialing when they want to talk.

So we challenged four members of the HuffPost team to call their friends, without warning (verbal or written) and see how they found it.

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‘I’ll take two hours of facebook messaging over a phone call…’

Micha Frazer-Carroll, Intern

Calling people is not something I’m in the habit of doing, let alone calling out of the blue. I get serious phone anxiety –– I’m one of those people who watches my phone ring, freezes, and waits until it stops. I’d take two hours of facebook messaging over a call, even though I don’t feel the same level of connection.

For the challenge I decided to ring my best friend from university. We message regularly, but since I moved back to London we’ve struggled to maintain the same contact as when we lived a staircase away from each other.

Gearing myself up to phone her is the emotional bulk of the task. It feels imposing –– what if she doesn’t want to talk, or finds it annoying? What if she thinks it is some sort of emergency?

Opening up my contacts, I realise there is an ever-so-slightly ridiculous barrier to the entire operation: I don’t have her phone number. My best friend.I open Facebook chat and hit the call button.

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