Glenn Greenwald: The Mainstream Media’s “Allowed List” Of “Real Reporters”


Glenn Greenwald, the well-known journalist for The Intercept and the reporter who worked closely with NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden to expose vast US government illegal domestic spying, explained this week how mainstream media ‘gate-keeping’ and suppressing alternate perspectives works, especially when it comes to reporting American foreign policy.

Greenwald slammed the corrupt state of the establishment media, explaining, “One of the favorite phrases the US media loves to recite to justify and elevate what they do, and to delegitimize their critics and those who do journalism outside of their structures, is ‘real reporting.'”

“The role of the US media, as always with US wars, has been to suppress, ignore, justify, or propagandize,” Greenwald explained…

The Intercept journalist Glenn Greenwald, via Hacker News

The veteran journalist took to Twitter after this week’s latest display of blatant hypocrisy surrounding Secretary of State Mike Pompeo’s getting Congressional certification for the US military to continue assisting the Saudis and Emirates, despite the astounding rising death toll of Yemeni civilians killed by Saudi-US coalition attacks, including last month’s shocking airstrike on a school bus, which the Red Cross reported killed 40 children.

Greenwald spotlighted one of the more stunning interviews to ever air on CNN, which was connected to the Yemen war:

In late 2016, @RandPaul tried to stop the US from supplying Saudi Arabia with the bombs and other weapons it was using to destroy Yemen. Watch what @wolfblitzer suggested to him on CNN about why that was a bad and radical idea:

— Glenn Greenwald (@ggreenwald) September 12, 2018

It is indeed a stunning piece of cable news history that rivals Madeleine Albright’s infamous words during a 1996 60 Minutes appearance where she calmly and coldly proclaimed of 500,000 dead Iraqi children that “the price is worth it”.

As part of the clip that Greenwald resurrected from internet obscurity, CNN’s Wolf Blitzer railed against Senator Paul’s opposition to a proposed $1.1 billion US arms sale to Saudi Arabia by arguing that slaughter of Yemeni civilians was “worth it” so long as it benefits US jobs and defense contractors.

At the time of the 2016 CNN interview, Saudi Arabia with the help of its regional and Western allies — notably the U.S. and Britain — had been bombing Yemen for a year-and-a-half, and as the United Nations noted, the Saudi coalition had been responsible for the majority …read more



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