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Well, Theresa May doesn’t have to worry any longer about the prospect of being absent from Moscow for an England-France World Cup final. And ahead of Donald Trump’s lunchtime arrival in the UK, she has one eye on his subsequent summit with Vladimir Putin, gently warning the US President not to let Russia split the West. She told last night’s Nato summit that it must work together “to raise the cost of malign behaviour whenever it occurs” and project “unity and strength” in the face of Russian provocation.

Fresh from Nato’s second day of talks, Trump touches down on the tarmac in Blighty (not allowed to tell you where, it’s a secret) at 12.30pm. His trip has been designed deliberately to avoid the expected mass protests, and you can’t get further away from the crowds than the huge grounds of Blenheim Palace in Oxfordshire, where he and Melania will attend a black tie dinner with British and American businesses. There’s a chance for demonstrators to have more impact when the President tries to sleep overnight at the US ambassador’s residence in Regent’s Park. A ‘Keep Trump Awake’ protest is planned.

We were briefed extensively by No.10 yesterday on the Trump trip. One thing that leapt out was the weirdly ‘private’ element of the trip when he goes visiting his golf courses over two days in Scotland. When he arrives at Prestwick airport, he’ll be greeted by Scottish Secretary David Mundell but that’s the end point of government involvement. He won’t be seeing Nicola Sturgeon at all. Scottish Labour leader Richard Leonard and the Scottish Greens have joined forces to demand that the Edinburgh government rule out any use of the publicly-owned Prestwick during his visit.

Something that jumped out from the briefing was the fact that Trump himself will be attending a joint US-UK special forces demonstration tomorrow morning, miles away from London. But the First Lady will at the same time be in the capital, for an event with Philip May, veterans and schoolchildren. So, as the ‘Trump Baby’ balloon takes off, the President will be watching boys’ toys while his wife could well be the one running the gauntlet of the protests. Not a great look, not that Trump cares. There’s an Urgent Question in the Commons this morning on policing of the visit.

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