Enjoy Your Summer Barbecue Without Hurting The Planet


When you smell sizzling burgers on your walk home from work, you know it’s finally barbecue season. And who can argue with an iced jug of mint and strawberry-spiked Pimm’s with hunks of grilled halloumi eaten in the open air? But, sad news: those smoke-tinged flavours can come with an environmental cost.

Why? There’s the charcoal thing, to start. 2015 research from conservation organisation the WWF showed that: ‘3.28 billion tonnes of timber is needed to make the amount of charcoal imported into the EU every year, roughly equivalent to 11 million hectares of forest,’ which makes the whole ‘cooking with fire’ thing feel less appealing. There’s also the single-use plastic cups and cutlery, if you take your barbie out of your garden – ‘plastic pebbles’ are polluting Cornwall’s coastline after people have thrown plastic bottles into their beach barbecues. These plastiglomerates are washing up on the shore and are being ingested by marine creatures.

It can be a minefield when trying to lead a more eco-conscious life – especially when the sun’s out and the urge to live life a little more lackadaisical emerges.

To steer you towards the sustainable track, HuffPost UK spoke to Bianca Mularoni, founder of eco lifestyle site Zero Waste Path, about her advice for hosting an environmentally friendly barbecue this summer.

“We have the power to choose the impact we have on the world around us,” says Bianca. “We are used to thinking that one person can’t make a difference, that these issues are much bigger than us, however small actions really do make changes.”

Here’s how to grill, greener.

Bianca started her journey to live a ‘zero-waste’ lifestyle in 2016. This means reducing her impact on the planet as much as possible – from making her own natural toothpaste to refusing plastic cups and eating a more plant-based diet. She takes a positive influence approach.

Rather than preaching to her friends, Bianca just carries her zero-waste cutlery and bags with her; people often ask questions out of curiosity. “Almost everyone around me has started to make some changes, whether it’s bringing their own lunch to work, using a reusable water bottle or just choosing the unpackaged option at the supermarket. I find this amazing!”

“We live in an unsustainable society where making zero-waste choices can be hard, expensive and sometimes impossible,” says Bianca. “Do what you can rather than …read more

Source:: The Huffington Post – UK Tec


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