No, My Husband Isn’t Disappointed We’re Having Another Girl


As I write this, I’m nearly 22 weeks pregnant with my second child. My husband and I already have a 14-month-old daughter who I could seriously gush about all day so I’ll refrain (just about) here.

When we were expecting our little girl, we decided not to find out the sex. We weren’t particularly bothered if we were having a girl or a boy and we were happy to go for unisex clothes, accessories and décor. It was nice to have a surprise to be honest. This time, however, we decided to find out. It wasn’t that we were hoping for another girl or for a boy, it was more for logistical purposes. For one thing, there are bags and bags of girl’s clothes being stored that we’d need to know what to do with. We’re also planning some alterations to our home so we wanted to pre-plan what the bedroom situation will be a couple of years down the line.

So, at 19 weeks and four days, we went along to Liverpool Women’s Hospital for our anomaly scan and asked if we could find out the sex if possible. Thankfully, baby was being co-operative and revealed herself to be another little girl. Both me and my husband were ecstatic. It’s not that we’d have minded having a boy – we’d have been just as made up – but knowing there’ll be two little sisters only 18 months or so apart in age is lovely and I’m already imagining them growing up to be absolute besties.

Now, we’re not the types to have a gender reveal party or anything like that. I have no problem with people who do, it’s just not really our thing. So, we told some family and a few close friends that we’re having a girl but, other than that we didn’t really bother unless someone specifically asked. At the end of the day, we mostly found out so we could get ourselves organised, not so we could make a big announcement.

For the most part, people have been lovely, saying how nice it’ll be for them to grow up together and so on. But one response really, really wound me up. It wasn’t someone I know, just someone I was chatting to in a shop, but it still got to me.

I was paying for my shopping (mostly nappies) and the lady behind the counter said something about how …read more

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