‘Citizen Rose’ Producers on How the E! Series Captures Rose McGowan’s Healing, and How She’s Helped Others


Rose McGowan has had quite the year, and we know this because starting back in August 2017, she started letting people into her life on an intimate level. Her Tweets had already grown more personal, she was writing the soon-to-be-published memoir “Brave,” and — perhaps her boldest decision — she had partnered with Bunim-Murray Productions to start following her around as she pursued her activist causes and dealt with years of pain following her alleged sexual assault by Harvey Weinstein.

The result of her having the courage to put her life on display in this way was the docuseries “Citizen Rose,” which initially debuted as a two-hour special in January 2018, and is now joined by three follow-up episodes that begin airing Thursday on E!.

“I think that it was definitely a very eye-opening experience,” showrunner Andrea Metz told IndieWire. “The world had not felt safe for her for so many years. I think that Rose has said that she will always be a victim and a survivor, and they’re kind of intertwined. Her healing and her being a survivor happened at the same time. And you see her start to come out of the darkness and into the light.

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“I think that for so long, she was silent, and kind of felt very alone in this journey,” Metz said. “Everything that was happening, in the culmination of everything happening at once, was very triggering for her. And I think that trauma, which is something she didn’t really think about that much; it’s kind of an imprint of the pain and the fear living inside of us.”

The new episodes cover the time between “Citizen Rose’s” initial premiere through the following months, which means that even as she was promoting the release of the documentary as well as her new album and “Brave,” cameras were rolling on her, capturing her reaction as events unfolded.

“She watches her book breathe and the documentary airs in the beginning of the series… So all of that launching at once, plus, obviously Rose being catapulted into the center of this movement that’s a social change,” Metz said. “Rose has said herself that she feels like she’s lived …read more

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