The Saker Warns “Alas, This Is Far From Over”

Via The Saker,

Let’s begin by a short summary of events.

About a month ago Nikki Haley announces to the UNSC that the USA is ready to violate the rules of this very self-same UNSC should a chemical attack happen in Syria

Then the Russians announced that they have evidence that a chemical false flag is being prepared in Syria

Then a chemical attack (supposedly) takes place (in a location surrounded and, basically, controlled by government forces!)

The OPWC sends investigators (in spite of western powers loudly proclaiming that no investigation was needed)

The AngloZionists then bomb Syria

Next, the UNSC refuses to condemn the violation of its own rules and decisions

Finally, the US Americans speak of a ‘perfect strike’

Now tell me – do you get a sense that this is over?

If you tell me that 32/103 is hardly perfect, I will reply that you are missing the point. In fact, if anything, 32/103 is further incentive to bomb again!

Let’s look at the differently for a second and ask this: what has the AngloZionist attack actually demonstrated?

The western general public is so terminally zombified that false flag attacks can now be announced 4 weeks in advance

The Europeans now live by the motto “my honor is called solidarity” (a variation of the SS motto “my honor is loyalty“)

Lead by the USA, western countries have no objections to wars started in violation of their own national laws

The UN Security Council has no objections to wars started in violation of the UN Charter and International Law

The PRC leaders, in their infinite wisdom, act as if they have nothing personal at stake and act like bystanders

The Israelis, via the UN Neocons, are now in total control of the Empire and use it to “clean house” next door

Oh, I hear the objections. They go something like this:

– But the attack was a dismal failure!

– So what? the Empire did not pay any price for executing it.

– But the US Americans did blink! The attacked from Jordanian airspace and from the Red Sea! They avoided the Russians completely! They are afraid of them!

– So what? They still bombed a Russian ally with total impunity.

– But, surely you are not suggesting that the Russians should have started a war against the USA over a strike which did not even kill a single person?

– No, of course not, but by not taking any action the Russians also failed to deter any …read more



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