Europhia over Harper Staling’s entrance into the Billboard charts


Music is a powerful tool to help people in times of trial and tribulations and musician Harper Staling is positive proof that music indeed heals. Suffering from Tourette’s from a young age, singing and performing helped calm her tics down. She chose to follow her dreams by changing careers. Close to graduating as a physical therapist, Harper decided to change direction to a path of music. This step to success is climbing with her latest single ‘Europhia’ charting in the Billboard Dance club songs chart at number 36. The song is produced by The Perry Twins (remixes include Dirty Werk by Ke$ha) working, with songwriter to the stars, Kasia Livingston. I grab a chat to talk passion, chasing dreams and why you should follow your gut and do what you love!

Kirsty Bright: People always say how musicians/music saves them and helps them progress in their lives. What would you say to someone who is perhaps struggling in life?

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