11 lingering questions we had about Truth or Dare


If you are or have ever been a teen, then you’re familiar with the game Truth or Dare, wherein confused and horny high schoolers are allowed a safe environment in which to make out. Usually, the only consequences for not complying with the requests of the game are groans and about 10 seconds of group shaming. But what if the consequence … was DEATH?

That’s the basic premise of Blumhouse’s Truth or Dare, the horror movie starring Pretty Little Liars’ Lucy Hale and Teen Wolf’s Tyler Posey (and thus scientifically crafted to appeal to The Teens). In order to get that premise to work, we go with Hale’s college senior Olivia on a spring break trip to Mexico and into a monastery haunted by a malevolent spirit. From that one night, she and her friends are cursed with a never-ending game of Truth or Dare that also involves creepy Snapchat-filter demon faces sometimes, and a contrived “two truths means someone has to choose dare” rule to make sure they don’t just do the smart thing of choosing truth over and over and complying so no one gets hurt.

Of course, now I have to wonder whether a Never Have I Ever horror movie is next in the pipeline. But until then, I have a few Truth or Dare questions, like:

Why is Tyson working on med school applications in May — after spring break?

Tyson, the bro-iest of the gang, is too preppy and focused on med school applications to worry much about the haunted slumber party game they’re non-consensually engaged in. But this is post-spring-break. Why is he doing med school applications — and then med school interviews in May? I was pre-med in college, so I feel perfectly qualified to state that med school applications are due August of application year, and interviews take place from September through April at the latest. Honestly, Tyson should know by now if he got into med school. There are no applications that would be due after spring break. Nonsense.

Why is there a Dia de los Muertos poster in the spring?

Maybe this entire universe’s calendar is messed up? Because when Olivia comes back to school, she gets a creepy “truth or dare” message written on a poster … for Dia de los Muertos, which I understand is thematically fitting, but which also takes place in the fall. So, what the hell?

How did Olivia have a …read more

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