Werewolf Jughead returns to Riverdale in this comic preview


The thing about Jughead Jones is that he’s always hungry (though the CW’s Riverdale subverted this by waiting an entire season for Cole Sprouse’s onscreen version to finally munch on a burger). Since it launched last year, the Archie Comics horror title Jughead: The Hunger has taken Jughead’s notorious appetite to supernatural proportions. In this alternate-reality version of Riverdale, Jughead has become a werewolf, and his legendary hunger can only be sated by the blood of his former classmates.

In this EW-exclusive preview of Jughead: The Hunger #5, Jughead Jones finally returns home after some time on the run. But he’s not the only werewolf around. Jughead’s first victim was school bully Reggie Mantle, and now, Reggie has become a werewolf in his own right — and he’s out for revenge.

“This whole Reggie vs. Jughead confrontation is something we’ve been building towards really since the very beginning, all the way back to the initial one-shot that our series spun out of,” writer Frank Tieri tells EW. “All along, we’ve had these three main elements in our book— Werewolf Jughead on the run, Werewolf Hunter Betty and the Cooper clan in hot pursuit, and Reggie gathering his forces for revenge back in Riverdale. Well, it all comes to a head here. In fact, it’s not an exaggeration to say what happens in this arc basically changes everything about the book moving forward. And I do mean everything.”

For his part, artist Joe Eisma says that the issue will feature a major death of a longtime Archie character and that it’s “one of the bloodiest and most disturbing scenes I’ve ever drawn.” Tieri calls it “probably the hardest death I had to write.”

Jughead: The Hunger #5 hits stores April 18. Check out an exclusive preview below. Preorder it here.

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