The Walking Dead director answers season finale burning questions


Rick Grimes had a change of heart at the end of The Walking Dead’s season 8 finale. He may have used his words to trick Negan and slit the big bad’s throat, but his crises of conscience then led him to save his nemesis so Negan could watch the new world they build without him from his jail cell. (Hope it has a window!)

But Rick’s decision may have other lasting consequences heading into season 9, as Maggie and Daryl were not exactly happy that Negan was still among the living. We caught up with finale director (and executive producer) Greg Nicotero to get the inside scoop on filming the episode, what it all means, and his take on some big off-screen changes as well. (Also make sure to read our finale Q&As with star Andrew Lincoln and showrunner Scott M. Gimple.)

ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY: So many big things happening here with a big battle but a lot of smaller intimate moments either within that or after that as well. What is your favorite moment of the finale you shot and why?GREG NICOTERO: I’ll tell you: I had two moments that I really enjoyed. I loved the scene with Eugene and Father Gabriel in the woods when Gabriel jumps out of the car. I thought that Seth and Josh were great, and Jeffrey was really great in that scene. I really loved it. I also loved the scene between Rick and Morgan at the gate at the beginning after Morgan knocks Henry down, because that really felt like The Walking Dead, that conversation that Andy and Lenny had. I really just remember cutting that scene and just thinking how much it felt like old-school Walking Dead, which is really what we’re sort of transforming the show into as we move forward.

And then Dwight and Daryl in the woods at the end. There was so much, and I think the biggest challenge for me was, we had almost a 60-page script that we had to cram into a short amount of time, so there was some stuff that ended up hitting the cutting room floor. It was just a lot of stuff going on in the episode.

So we have this big sort of confrontation under the tree between Rick and Negan. Kind of a dick move what Rick does to Negan here. He says, “Hey, let’s not fight. My son has this …read more

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