Joy Reid Asks If the Starbucks Incident Would Have Been Worse If the Men Were Carrying, Killer Mike Has An Answer


.@KillerMike addresses the incident in which two black men were arrested while waiting in a Starbucks. @JoyAnnReid asks, “Do you think that encouraging black people to carry endangers black people’s lives?” #AMJoy

— AM Joy w/Joy Reid (@amjoyshow) April 15, 2018

After the airing of a controversial interview with the National Rifle Association last month, rapper Killer Mike faced severe backlash for speaking out in favor of gun ownership while blasting the student-led March for Our Lives campaign against gun violence.

Mike has since apologized, saying the video was “used in the wrong way.” Now, the rapper says he is looking to have a meaningful discussion about the importance of gun ownership among African-Americans.

On Sunday, Mike faced MSNBC’s Joy Reid for the first time since their social media spat and apologized again for his remarks where he slammed the journalist for what he perceived as her vocal support for embattled clothing store H&M. Their dialogue soon turned to the NRA, who Reid accused of targeting her in one of its past campaigns.

“When an organization that’s all about guns starts tweeting out, we’re watching you, I take that as a threat honestly,” she said, later asking the rapper, “…Do you recognize sort of the sense that a lot of us out here have that the NRA is actually low-key threatening, particularly to people of color?”

Killer Mike, whose real name is Michael Render, responded by saying, “I think that we have been threatened as people of color since we were brought here.”

“For me as deplorable as acts that I’ve seen on both sides, people who are pro and not pro guns, my bigger conversation, Joy, is the conversation that we are having about where do African-Americans fit in that,” the activist added. “I am sorry that that happened to you. I am sorry that I get death threats and have to walk around with a body guard … But I feel better that I live in a republic where people only 54 years into freedom are now allowed to protect their Second Amendment right and protect [themselves] as need to be.”

Reid also took time to ask Mike his thoughts on the recent arrest of two Black men at a Starbucks in Philadelphia over the weekend, an incident that has since sparked calls for a boycott of the popular …read more

Source:: Atlanta Black Star – News


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