Bolton And Mattis Feud Over Syria Strike As Assad Evacuates Weapons


The Syrian government and Hezbollah have reportedly evacuated weapons from key locations
Assad has moved planes to a Russian-operated base
The UK Cabinet has agreed to back military action against the Syrian government
US National Security Advisor John Bolton and Defense Secretary James Mattis are reportedly feuding over the strategy in Syria, with Mattis favoring a more cautious approach
The U.S., France and Britain are crafting broad strike plans
A readout of a Thursday phone conversation President Trump and UK Prime Minister Theresa May suggests that military action may be days away, instead of hours

The latest reports rolling in from Syria suggest that both the Assad regime and Hezbollah have evacuated weapons from likely targets, after CNBC revealed that the U.S. has selected 8 targets to strike, including two airfields, a research center and an alleged chemical weapons facility – after US officials told a reporter they were “fairly confident” the Syrian regime had been behind a gas attack in a rebel-held suburb of Damascus.

Mr. Assad was moving to protect his air force by moving planes to a Russian-operated base equipped with sophisticated air defenses, according to pro-regime media. -WSJ

The Wall St. Journal also reports that broad plans are being crafted by the U.S., France and Britain for a military strike, while President Trump told reporters on Thursday “We’re looking very, very seriously, very closely at that whole situation, and we’ll see what happens, folks, we’ll see what happens. It’s too bad that the world puts us in a position like that.”

President Trump on Syria: “We’re having a number of meetings today. We’ll see what happens.”

— NBC News (@NBCNews) April 12, 2018

Adding to the tension in the region is a UK cabinet decision to back military action against the Syrian government, a day after Theresa May said she was ready to strike “without parliamentary approval.”

Several local sources report that both the regime and Hezbollah evacuated weapons and some personnel from the Qamishli airport to Damascus #Syria

— Michael A. Horowitz (@michaelh992) April 12, 2018

Meanwhile, newly minted National Security Advisor John Bolton and Defense Secretary James Mattis have reportedly been clashing over the strategy in Syria, according to Senior Atlantic Council Fellow Kate Brannen.

Bolton and Mattis clashed today on Syria strikes.

— Kate Brannen (@K8brannen) April 12, 2018

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