Another Radio Show Taken Off the Air After Prank Goes Left

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“The Fam In the Morning” hosts have a week to process their failed prank after Cathy Hughes, right, put them on leave. (@dj_59/Instagram/Earl Gibson III/Getty Images)

After a D.C. radio show got put on the national stage over a prank that went wrong, the staff has been placed on a temporary leave, much like “The Ricky Smiley Morning Show” in Atlanta.

Danni Starr, the sole woman host of “The Fam In the Morning,” was the subject of the stunt put on by her co-hosts QuickSilva and DJ 5’9. After Starr proclaimed she refused to hire a “pretty” babysitter because of the threat she’d pose to her relationship, the two fellas decided to bring the unhired nanny into the studio.

“I’m not gonna make this about you, but what I do with my household … is nobody’s concern … Just to be clear, I never said it was you and I never responded to you,” Starr told the former hopeful sitter on-air Thursday, March 8. “Your ego made you think that you were the only pretty girl who slid in my DMs.”

She had threatened to quit but returned to the airwaves the next day, where she was joined by fellow WKYS hosts Deja Perez and Angie Ange along with RadioOne chairwoman and founder Cathy Hughes. While “The Fam” staff has apparently kissed and made up since then, Hughes has given them the week off following the debacle.

“After a full investigation, I’ve learned this incident was a radio prank ‘gone bad,’” Hughes said in a Saturday, March 10 statement. “None of our talent were adequately informed or prepared to have effectively executed this prank on Danni Starr. We have taken the necessary steps to resolve this matter. I agreed with Danni Starr’s expressed public sentiments that QuickSilva and DJ 5’9 are good guys who would never deliberately harm her or intentionally cause her embarrassment.

“I stand firmly behind The Fam and will be providing the team a time of healing and refocus so they can continue to entertain, inspire and inform our listeners in the morning. To that end, next week’s show will be hosted by KYS DC’s afternoon drive personality Angie Ange and Baltimore Q92’s Konan, who himself is DC homegrown.”

For their part, Silva said on Instagram that this is “truly a life lesson learned. Now I pray in time we can all move on from this & promise …read more

Source:: Atlanta Black Star – News


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