‘Saturday Night Live’ Review: First-Timer Sterling K. Brown Proves His Greatness Even In the Weirdest Situations

It’s not saying anything new to say that Sterling K. Brown is a very charming, captivating actor. So of course seeing him on “Saturday Night Live” for the first time ever is one of those highly-anticipated moments, because you’re not quite sure what the show will be able to do with an actor like him. And vice versa, as no one could have possibly known that Sterling K. Brown was going to take his very first “SNL” hosting gig as an opportunity to let everyone know he has no problem taking a break from the tears and being weird every once in a while.

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Host: Sterling K. Brown

All right, maybe he doesn’t take a true break from the tears, but weirdness still abounds from the moment Brown takes the show’s stage for his opening monologue. And surprise! It is absolutely not a musical monologue. That’s honestly pretty surprising.

So with the monologue, we’re treated to the “revelation” that the “K” in “Sterling K. Brown” stands for “Katherine.” It doesn’t land that much, but that’s because it’s simply funnier in its follow-up, once our host tries to psych himself up by calling himself “Sterling Katherine.” We also learn that, because he’s an ACTOR, he wears his heart on his sleeve and is very “emotional”… which leads to him getting choked up throughout his monologue because he’s just so overwhelmed by everything about hosting ‘SNL’ for the first time. And — let’s be honest — because he wants to show off his ability to play emotional at the drop of a hat.

Brown also finds a way to deliver some solid jokes pretty quickly (the “That Was Them” after-show and the “This Us” spin-off, specifically) and a very good Kenan Thompson impression, out of nowhere. Who just has a Kenan Thompson impression? Emmy Award winner Sterling K. Brown, that’s who.

But getting back to the weirdness Sterling K. Brown has to play with in this episode, it’s really worth asking: Is Sterling K. Brown just a weird guy with a weird sense of humor? Given the sketch choices this week, that’s certainly a valid question. If it’s not exactly the case, then it is at least worth noting …read more

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