Soros & Vestager Versus The Free Internet


With his investments, Soros has become a billionaire. Unfortunately for many years he interferes in the political and demographic developments in Europe and financially supports the ethnic exchange. Now he turns against CSU, Facebook and Twitter because they endanger his leftist revolution.

As every year, Soros gave his speech on the state of the world at the World Economic Forum in Davos.

The neo-liberal quasi-self-made orphan spoke and spoke, and the open, freedom-loving, society he invited sucked every word of his words like a sponge. Now hardly anyone noticed that Soros wants to take away their freedoms.

In the beginning, Soros talked about Russia, which he calls a mafia state that adopted nationalist ideology, and the US, which in his opinion was to become Trump under such a state. For the axis of evil, he now also counted on Hungary. Nothing new, because he always turned against the governments that try to protect their citizens from the consequences of open borders, the idea of ​​open society.

What was new was that he scourged social networks. Since they grew into powerful monopolies, according to Soros, they are supposed to influence our behavior and consciousness (especially in elections) too much.

“They deceive their users by manipulating their attention, targeting them to their own economic interests and (…) depending on their services (…) The platforms are similar to gambling companies (…) and force people to renounce their freedom (…). …), to renounce what John Stuart Mill called the freedom of thought “

Is that why Facebook and Twitter are blocked in countries like China, Afghanistan, North Korea? Thanks to the Internet ban, can people think freely and leave their opinions open to all? No, Soros is not about our freedom of expression, it is about us being able to defend ourselves against his manipulations, against the propaganda of his NGO network on these communication platforms. The frontal assault Soros sounds all the more hypocritical than he has stocks of big-tech companies worth $ 113 million. That’s peanuts compared to $ 14 billion he spent over the last 30 years manipulating and destabilizing in many countries, especially in eastern and central Europe, to install open societies.

Soros continues to announce a war:

“It’s only a matter of time before the global dominance of US IT monopolists is broken. Davos is a good place to announce that their days are numbered.”

This should be followed by regulations and taxation.

Taxation, …read more



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