Macron: “France Will Strike” If Chemical Weapons Used In Syria


French President Emmanuel Macron says he is prepared to “strike” Syria if evidence is found to support claims that President Bashar al-Assad used chemical weapons against civilians, though noted that French intelligence agencies do not have any such proof.

“On chemical weapons, I set a red line and I reaffirm that red line,” Macron told reporters in Paris on Tuesday. “Today, our agencies, our armed forces have not established that chemical weapons, as set out in treaties, have been used against the civilian population.”

“We have some indications of possible chlorine use [in Syria], but we have no absolute confirmation… So we, alongside the others, are working on trying to confirm this, as we clearly have to get the facts straight.” -French Defense Minister Florence Parly

Facilities used to store and “originate” chemical weapons shipments would be the primary targets, said the French President, who also told reporters that he warned Russian President Vladimir Putin of France’s plans during a phone call last Friday.

“I’ve reiterated it to President Putin, asking to make it very clear to the Syrian regime, which has reaffirmed that it does not use chemical weapons … but we are watching it,” Macron stated.

Macron’s announcement that French intelligence has found no proof of Assad gassing civilians stands in sharp contrast to an April 7, 2017 strike on a suspected sarin gas storage facility at Syria’s Shayrat Airbase by the United States, in which President Trump sent 59 Tomahawk cruise missiles with an estimated value of $100 million (taxpayer dollars) in response to an alleged chemical attack which occurred 72 hours prior. Somehow U.S. intelligence was able to fully investigate the attack and determine its provenance – despite conflicting reports in the media over exactly where the attack took place, what type of gas was used, and the number of casualties.

Observant readers will recall that the President’s deep state / NeoCon haters such as John McCain and Bill Kristol gave him a nod of approval after Trump disappointed the anti-war contingency of his base.

Punishing Assad for use of chemical weapons is good. Regime change in Iran is the prize.

— Bill Kristol (@BillKristol) April 8, 2017

After initial reports said that sarin gas was used, internet sleuths (along with anyone with more than a few brain cells) noted that “white helmets” were cleaning up bodies without wearing protective safety gear – meaning that they would have been …read more



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