Jordan Peele Admits Paul Thomas Anderson ‘Really F*cked Him Up’ With ‘Phantom Thread’: ‘This Is Cinema!’

Add Jordan Peele to the growing list of directors who absolutely adore Paul Thomas Anderson‘s “Phantom Thread.” The director recently attended the Santa Barbara International Film Festival (via Collider) along with his fellow Oscar nominees for Best Director, and he revealed just how much “Phantom Thread” blew his mind.

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“‘Phantom Thread’ really fucked me up,” Jordan told the audience. The “Get Out” director singled out the scene in which Reynolds Woodcock (Daniel Day-Lewis) looks for Alma (Vicky Krieps) during a New Year’s Eve party as being especially powerful.

“The emotion, the psychology and the visual beauty of that moment are working in harmony, in a way that is just a pure cinematic moment that you almost can’t describe,” Peele said. “I get choked up, thinking about the character, who is looking for the woman he loves and he realizes there is a rift between them that may never be mended and may never make sense. This beautiful moment of searching for this person he loves and simultaneously realizing that he needs to let go of her in some way.”

“I’m not sure if that’s how he was thinking about it because that might be my shit,” Peele continued, “but it was one of those moments of realizing, ‘This is cinema!’”

The best part about Peele’s “Phantom Thread” praise was the anecdote that he confessed to Paul Thomas Anderson that he watched the movie on a DVD screener. Anderson is famous for advocating for the theatrical experience and has released most of recent films in the 70mm format, including “Phantom Thread.” Unfortunately, Peele did not watch the film in Anderson’s preferred format.

“When I met Paul about three weeks or a month ago, I was like, ‘Dude, I loved Phantom Thread so much!’” Peele explained. “And he was like, ‘Really?! How did you see it?’ I was like, ‘On a screener!’ And I just saw his face go, ‘Ohh,’ and I realized that I’d lost Paul, forever.”

Fortunately for Peele, Anderson loves “Get Out” just as much as he loves “Phantom Thread.” Anderson also attended the Santa Barbara International Film Festival, where he said “Get Out” inspired him during an especially …read more

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