Dick Harmon: Fesi Sitake talks about his first week as BYU receivers coach with new OC Jeff Grimes

It was the month that Fesi Sitake played the old crafty offensive coordinator card leading up to Weber State’s 2017 season opener against Western Montana. He held back formations and played vanilla before meeting the University of California in the Wildcats’ second game.

Weber State had just beaten Western Montana 76-0. Sitake then unleashed a 571- yard total offense attack against Cal in Berkeley in a 33-20 loss. Weber State threw for 431 yards and held a time of possession advantage over the Pac-12 opponent by nearly 11 minutes.

It was scheming at its best.

“It allowed us to come out guns blazing against Cal,” said Sitake. “Because we had a new quarterback and skill set and he was surrounded by more experienced players, we were able to come out swinging with things not showed. From a schematic standpoint, they were unprepared. We did as much shifting and motion and movement as we could, and it worked.”

On the flipside, it was hard for Weber State because Cal came in just having played North Carolina, a no-huddle offense.

“We weren’t sure if we were going to face Justin Wilcox’s defense from Wisconsin or Tim DeRuyter’s defense from Fresno State,” Sitake said. “Whose identity would we face in a no-huddle offense? We had a disadvantage there, but we were going to be prepared no matter what.”

What those two weeks of 2017 showed in a young offensive coordinator is that he did his homework. He adjusted to personnel. He created mismatches. He gamed Cal, even in a loss. This is the mind of Fesi Sitake, now BYU’s receiver coach under new offensive coordinator Jeff Grimes.

When Grimes called Sitake to interview him for a job, Sitake had previously been a candidate for the offensive coordinator job at BYU.

So, what did Sitake tell Grimes? What were his talking points?

“One of the biggest blessings I’ve had in my coaching profession is these last two years as a coordinator, just gaining experience and maturing as a coach,” Sitake told Grimes.

“My first four or five years were spent coaching receivers, and it’s a position I’ve played or coached all my life. I had good intentions, but I only saw the game through the eyes of a receiver and it had been all I’d coached.

“I told him I’d tried to branch out and coach through other lenses, but I only knew it as a receiver, so to be able to be a coordinator …read more

Source:: Deseret News – Sports News


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