The US is reportedly considering a ‘bloody nose’ attack to humiliate North Korea — here’s how it could go down

President Donald Trump is reportedly considering launching a “bloody nose” attack to batter and humiliate North Korea.The strategy is incredibly risky and relies on Kim Jong Un correctly interpreting the attack as a limited, punitive strike, rather than the opening of the second Korean War.If the US is determined to strike North Korea despite the risks, they have a few options, each with their own advantages and disadvantages.But if the US did pull it off, they could put the fear in North Korea, which has killed hundreds of US and South Koreans with impunity since 1953.

As North Korea’s nuclear and missile programs make leaps and bounds in advancement, the most powerful military on earth has sat just a few dozen miles away with little they could do about it — but that may be about to change.

How the US could give Kim Jong Un a bloody noseThe losing missile intercept gamble…

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