The boys who cried Hillary

It is quickly becoming clear that the secret Republican plan to survive the 2018 midterm elections is to run against Hillary Clinton again. Calls for a new investigation of Clinton’s use of a private email server are completing their long journey from the diseased mind of the president through the Hannity/Carlson ideas-laundering machine and into mainstream conservative discourse. Republican leaders terrified of defending their reprehensible conduct over the past year to voters see a renewed focus on Clinton, who remains deeply unpopular, as their only way to avoid coughing up one or both chambers of Congress in November.

Republicans are right to feel creeping panic about their prospects. President Trump spent the last week ineptly defending his own sanity after a gossipy writer he weirdly allowed to hang out around the White House for months published excerpts of his new book, in which the president’s own advisers describe him as a sub-literate, cheeseburger-gobbling troll who spends most of his rare days at work watching and tweeting about Fox News.

The only tangible policy achievement of this Congress — a slapdash tax giveaway to the wealthy that disproportionately benefits the Trump family, corporate grifters, and people with too much money already — is 24 points underwater in polls. Republicans trail by double digits in most surveys of the midterm elections and have no discernible policy agenda for the year. No one knows what fresh revelations are in store from the Mueller investigation, which may find that the president of the United States and his top associates obstructed justice. Mind you: That currently seems like the best-case scenario for the president even if he and all of his aides are ultimately cleared of conspiring with Russia to undermine the 2016 election.

Hence: Hillary Clinton. GOP leaders are gambling that a go-nowhere investigation of the 2016 popular vote winner will help diminish the focus on President Trump’s misdeeds and give reporters a tidy, both-sides analytic frame to explain away perfidy in Washington. These stories are being relentlessly hammered in the right-wing media to provoke new investigations and media attention, despite former FBI Director James Comey having publicly cleared Clinton in July 2016 after an exhaustive inquiry.

Case in point: In National Review on Saturday, Andrew McCarthy argued that the only way to restore the rule of law for classified information is to prosecute Clinton and her aides. In 2,100 words McCarthy, a former assistant …read more

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