Five Top Tips To Do Good And Feel Good In 2018

You heard it here first. 2018 is the year of doing good and feeling even better. I call this ‘selfish selflessness’ (bit of a mouthful, but I’m working on it). There are lots of simple daily habits we can undergo to make the world a better place whilst improving our own well being.

The act of giving may go back to the beginning of time, but the concept of altruism is relatively new. The word itself didn’t even exist until 1851 when the French philosopher Auguste Comte coined the term, based on the Latin word alteri, meaning ‘others’.

Turns out he was onto something. Being nice to others triggers the release of the hormones dopamine (giving us a sense of euphoria) and oxytocin (associated with feelings of serenity, and inner peace) giving you an overall sense of happiness as a result. Can’t argue with that.

To get yourself started, here are my five top tips to do good and feel good in 2018;

1. Put yourself first!

It sounds somewhat selfish but hear me out. If you are not looking after yourself, you will struggle to effectively look after others. All too often we put our work, family and even social lives ahead of our own wellbeing. Ever used the excuse ‘I haven’t got time to exercise’? It’s not good enough I’m afraid.

When you train regularly and eat well, you improve almost every aspect of your life. The increased energy, concentration, productivity, sense of wellbeing will free up more time than you ever thought possible.

Carve out some time each day to look after yourself. I would suggest undergoing a simple, morning routine to get you set up for the day. It’s simple to stick to, doesn’t cost a penny, and it’s easy to fit into any schedule. I personally complete a simple 10-minute bodyweight workout upon waking. It’s a great way to fire up your nervous system, burn some extra calories and get the heart and lungs working.

2. Get the family involved

The next step is to help your family (and friends) take care of their health too. Make a mental list of any ways you could help them develop some healthier habits, then get to work on them. Some simple ways include prepping and cooking healthy meals for the family each night, scheduling in workouts, or attending classes with friends that are reluctant to start exercising, or even helping those around you …read more

Source:: The Huffington Post – UK Tec


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