Quorn to change ‘brazen’ sausage roll packaging

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sausage rolls

Veggie brand’s ‘12-pack’ of three rolls goes viral


Thursday, December 7, 2017 – 9:33am

A shopper browsing the vegetarian section of their local supermarket might well have come across what was apparently a 12-pack of Quorn sausage rolls. Perfect for festive finger food, you might think.

However, a closer look at the packet told a very different story, as eagle-eyed tweeter Dan Douglas noted:

have u ever seen anything so brazen pic.twitter.com/WYqW3UsEK3

— Dan Douglas (@dandouglas) December 2, 2017

Yes, the so-called 12-pack was in fact a package of three pastry treats which could be cut into pieces. Which, as Douglas himself pointed out, could be said of anything:

hey here’s a 6-pack of fun-size mars bars 🙂 [hands u a single regular mars bar]

— Dan Douglas (@dandouglas) December 2, 2017

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He posted a photo of the offending package, spotted at a supermarket in Sydenham, south London, to Twitter on Saturday night, where it quickly went viral.

Within a few days, the tweet had more than 50,000 likes and had been shared more than 25,000 times as fellow users offered their own “serving suggestions”:

Bet it could be a 24 pack of you actually put effort into this.

— Emperor Bob (@wdwvacationdad) December 3, 2017

Hey- I’ve just found a multi pack… pic.twitter.com/ng0d46YeHu

— Michael Callaway (@MichaelCallaway) December 5, 2017

“Happy Christmas Dad, I got you a six-pack!”
“But son, there’s only one can?”
“Use the breadknife …”

— Sam Dolan (@etymologic) December 2, 2017

But others saw the advantages in creative labelling:

That works the other way though.

“How many sausage rolls did you eat?”

“Just the one”.

— Rob King (@robert_p_king) December 2, 2017

By this logic you can neck a bottle of wine in one go and it only …read more

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