How to match your cravat to your whisky

The Hyde Bar in Knightsbridge launches new bow tie, cravat and cocktail pairing menu


Thursday, December 7, 2017 – 11:27am

So you have found the perfect tie and to match with your outfit, but have you paired it properly with your cocktail?

If not, the ‘Attire’ menu, a limited edition pairing of seasonal whisky cocktails with luxury bow ties and cravats at the Hyde Bar in Knightsbridge, may be just the thing for you.

Curated by Esquire’s style director Teo Van Den Broeke and fashion adviser David Evans, the menu launched at The Hyde Bar in Knightsbridge earlier this month.

Attire will see festive tipples such as the Flaming Cinnamon cocktail, combining Macallan Sherry Cask, Cacao liquer, gingerbread syrup and ginger beer, paired with an Alexander McQueen silk patterned Bow Tie, and The Hyde Bar’s Rare Cask straight served with Cravat Club’s Cohen design, a 100% silk day cravat.

The Week Portfolio caught up with Evans to find out more about the project.

David, with your cocktail, whisky, bow tie and cravat pairing, what came first, the drinks or the fashion?

For me what I wear comes before the drink. I prefer to approach a well-mixed cocktail or quality whisky in the right frame of mind, and wearing a stylish outfit sets the scene and atmosphere to enable me to enjoy that drink, whether it’s festive, celebratory or simply a relaxing nightcap.

Of the eight options on the menu, which combination are you most pleased with?

I love the Cravat Club Sylvester cravat and the Fine Oak 21 Year Old straight serve Macallan. There’s something about the colour, smoothness and quality if the silk that perfectly reflects the fine whisky.

Do you see parallels between the work of top chefs and sommeliers and that of top fashion designers? How do the worlds of fashion and food connect?

Any creative design work has parallels. Chefs and sommeliers are not only finding new and striking flavours, but also working hard on the appearance of their products. The work of all of them requires artistry, creativity and originality. All find a foundation in classic dishes and fashion styles, but are prepared …read more

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