After Justice League, DC Fans Are Petitioning For A Superman Sequel

It’s rare that DC and Marvel fans agree on superhero movies. It’s even rarer for them to join forces online. But while the future of the DC Extended Universe might be hazy after Justice League’s disappointing box office, one thing is clear: Fans REALLY want a new Superman solo movie.

The underwhelming response to Justice League has led fans to worry that Warner Bros. may reboot the franchise altogether – or at the least, abandon the solo Superman sequel fans have hoped for since 2013’s Man of Steel. In protest at this, for the past week DC fans have flooded the internet with Henry-Cavill-as-Superman memes, gifs and videos, and in true DC style, they’re even petitioning Warner Bros. to “Give Henry Cavill a Superman sequel”.

One thing that Marvel and DC fans can agree on!

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While Man of Steel divided critics (though it was a triumph compared to Batman v Superman), the general consensus was that Cavill made a fine Superman. “Cavill displays a magnetic presence,” praised The Atlantic; “He brings to the role exactly the right haunted, stricken but resolute air,” TIME Magazine declared, and Forbes raved about his performance. “The casting was perfect. Cavill makes the role his own in a way I wasn’t certain would ever be possible after Reeves. He brings a sense of immediate power and physical presence to the role, yet also a gentleness.”

The criticism of Man of Steel’s Superman stemmed from the darker version of the character envisaged by director Zack Snyder – as well as the excessive, destructive action. The Washington Post said it best when they wrote: “Cavill makes a handsomely credible Superman — or at least he will, in an already-planned sequel that, with luck, will more thoughtfully exploit his talents. In Snyder’s bombastic creation [Superman] is reduced to little more than a joyless cipher or dazzling physical specimen.”

The world DESERVES a classic Superman movie with Henry Cavill

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This fan initiative maintains that Cavill’s Superman was shortchanged from day …read more

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