These Bloody Excellent Shoes Say Everything About Australia Today


These spectacularly excellent shoes express pretty much everything the vast majority of Australians feel about this Wednesday.

Sydney soccer fan and same sex marriage supporter Sandy Hunter told HuffPost Australia that she has 23 pairs of shoes which sum up her personality and what she’s passionate about. When she woke up on Wednesday morning, it was clear which shoes she had to wear.

Obviously she had to wear her shoes in the rainbow colours of the LGBT community. But given the big World Cup qualifier later this evening, she also had to wear her lovely soccer ball print sneakers. The way forward? One of each, obviously.

Ok, I couldn’t decide today. Had to wear one of each.
The #SSM survey results will be known. (YES VOTE hopefully and hopefully the #Socceroos ⚽️🙏can make it to Russia. Hoping for an iconic day all round. 🌈⚽️🙏

— Sandy Hunter 🌈 (@sandyhunter2) 14 de novembro de 2017

“I’m very passionate about sport and in particular the Socceroos getting to the World Cup, and also an advocate for same sex marriage. So today for me is perfect — as long as the Aussies win tonight,” Hunter said.

We’re with you, Sandy.

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Source:: The Huffington Post – Australia


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