Parents call for change of ‘rude’ school mascot

Parents demands change of mascot name because ‘phoenices' sounds rude


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Parents demands change of mascot name because ‘phoenices’ sounds rude

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Wednesday, November 15, 2017 – 6:25am

Parents at a Utah school are petitioning the school board to have the name of the school’s sporting mascot changed because it sounds “crass” when it is shouted at sporting events. The outcry came when it was discovered the plural for phoenix is phoenices, which parents say sounds too much like “penises” when shouted by supporters.

Card Against Humanity reveals plan to stop Trump Wall

Gaming company Cards Against Humanity has revealed its plan to stop the construction of Donald Trump’s border wall. The company says it has purchased a plot of land on the border, which it plans to sell off in minute pieces for $15 each to US citizens, before hiring expert “eminent domain” lawyers to fight in court on their behalf.

‘Borat’ tourists arrested in Kazakhstan

Six Czech tourists have been arrested in Kazakhstan for wearing nothing but the neon green “mankini” made famous by comedian Sasha Baron Cohen’s character, Borat. The men were each fined 22,500 Tenge (£51) for their “indecent” public appearances.

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